Family Counseling

Family Counseling

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Family Counseling

At Ascend Counseling & Wellness we specialize in (Family) Systems Therapy, which can effectively help the family system improve communication, better manage conflict, determine family and individual strengths, create healthy traditions, work with difficult behaviors, manage addiction, and much more.  A key focus of family counseling is to discover the unhealthy patterns that exist in the family system and then help each member of the family system to do their part to change or eliminate the behaviors that are creating the unhealthy patterns.  

Your family is likely doing many things right already!  We can help you enhance the good stuff, and change the unhealthy stuff.  

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Who can benefit from Family Counseling? 

If your goal is to improve your family relationships - then family counseling is for you.  All families struggle, none are perfect (even if it looks that way on social media).  Attending family counseling doesn't mean that your family is totally broken - it just means you care enough to make it even better.  Here is a list of topics commonly worked on in counseling: 

  • Struggling with substance abuse in the home

  • Family members with deep conflicts

  • Children struggling in school, emotionally or mentally

  • Families with special needs children

  • Struggles of infidelity and pornography

  • Victims of abuse

  • Struggling with financial problems

  • Children with behavioral problems

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Families that have gone through trauma

  • Mental illness in the home

  • Struggles with in-laws

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